Welcome to the all new website of the Times-Courier!

We are your local newspaper, devoted to the progress of Gilmer County.

Thank you for supporting our business, and we hope this site will be able to better serve our readers than our previous one.

You may notice that things look a little more simple. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the new layout. You’ll notice a black bar going across the top of the window. This is our top menu, it should always be there. On it are some links to Login, our Smugmug photo page, classifieds, and more! If you are wanting to read our articles or access our digital eEdition, click the “LOGIN” link and sign in with the same e-mail and password that you used on our other site.

We are also now going to try and have as much of our stories from the paper in the form of articles. We now have three different subscription methods, eArticles, eEdition, and All-access. An eEdition subscription will only give access to the digital eEdition and the free articles on the site. An eArticles subscription will allow you to read all of our stories/articles online but not allow you to access the digital eEdition. All-access gives you complete access to both! If you had a subscription at the time we rolled out this new site, you automatically be given our All-access subscription until your subscription expires.

To get to our eEdition, click the eEdition tab on the navigational menu.

These first few weeks of the site may be buggy.  We are still trying to work out the kinks, and are working daily to get the site optimized for our readers. We appreciate your patience with us on this.  In the mean time, the main features should work, such as the eEdition.

Take some time to get used to the site, and if you have any issues contact via e-mail!



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